Donald Collins,

Don Collins' wife called me Sunday, 29 Dec, at 2PM to tell me that Don died peacefully in his sleep the 25th of Dec at home from longtime heart problems.  She said that you and Don were probably acquainted, both of you being Loadmasters.   She posted no obituary and had him cremated by Tobias Funeral Home in Englewood, OH.  She will have him buried later at the Dayton VA Cemetery in the Spring.  

 She said that his greatest accomplishment in life was his service in the United States Air Force.  She is not ready for phone calls but cards/notes would be appreciated.  I told her we would keep her connected to the 302nd with a Buckeye Wing Membership.  I will take care of the Buckeye membership for her. Her mailing address is:  

     Mrs. Don Collins
     409 W. Martindale Rd.
     Union, Ohio 45322

Ed Kienle

Tom McVey  I first met Don in 1974.   He became one of the ART loadmasters.   Don would put together the schedule of loadmasters to fly on the local and cross country flights.  I enjoyed serving with Don,  he was a great guy.

Glen Ruswinkle Don was in my aerial port flights at Rickenbacker.  He always had a smile and was very positive.  It was a pleasure to be his commander.

Michael Brent Campbell Really sad to hear this. Don was a great mentor to me when I first came to the 40th. Spent a lot of great times with him and Billy Carter working drops. RIP.

Kristi Worner Kirker So sad, Lots of time spent with him doing drops as well, packing chutes and loading planes...he will be missed...RIP Don and prayers to your family.

Jim and Kathy Williamson I agree with what Mike Campbell stated . Just a great person to work with at the 40th Maps..

Alicia Ludinich I remember when we [40th] went to Virginia Beach Don and Judy was there, Alicia and I had a great time with them. Sorry for the loss he will be greatly missed.

Karl Schaab Don was a great mentor to me when I was in the MAPS. Later on when we were at Wright-Patterson, I would see Don frequently while working in the AES. When I was commissioned, Don showed up for the ceremony and that meant a great deal to me.

Tom Kanoza Bob helped me get started in the 40th. I meet him in an office in the hanger. Thoughts and prayers for the family on their grief Journeys.

Rodney Young Don was a great friend and an even mentor to me when I came into the 40th in 1983. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.