Rodney Macaulay, 83, passed away Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014, at Sycamore Run Nursing Home, Millersburg.  He was born Feb. 22, 1931, and had a very long and wonderful career in the U.S. Air Force. 

He served for 38 years, fought in Vietnam and retired as a colonel. He was a pilot for most of his career with the USAF. When he retired, he worked for the State Department in Lima, Peru, fighting drugs for the State Department. Surviving are his wife, Evelyn (Asher) Macaulay; children, Ted, Todd and Melissa; and six grandchildren.  

The Daily Record Wooster, Ohio

From Jeff Price

Rodney actually led a very colorful working life while commander of aircraft maintenance.  He left his maintenance employees alone to work their specialties.  He was hands on when he needed to be but kept the aircraft and daily spares flying to meet the required flying time.  Best seat of the pants pilot I knew.  He would test aircraft on lunch hour when everyone was at lunch.  Grab a pilot from ops do the flight and be back on ground before anyone would know it. 

He was involved in a CIA mission to prepare the C-123 for missions to Central America.  He did a lot of hands on work on the plane himself.  Couldn't really spare the manpower.  Later shot down with Eugene Hasenfoot, LM on survivor and held captive later traded in a big deal.  Rod kept the aircraft down on ramp just outside maintenance hangar so he could run in an out of maintenance to get what he needed.  They painted aircraft a real cool light grey with no insignia, no markings, and no chevrons.  It was pretty neat to see what he tore out and the special radios he installed.  I always respected his skills and his smile when he was truly pleased with something at Rickenbacker.