Comfort Inn & Suites

Cocoa Beach, Florida

25-28 April 2002

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Attending the 2002 Buckeye Wing were:

Joe & Jacquie Agnew, Leonard Baker & Kathryn Bolton, Kenneth & Paula Baldwin, William Basnett, Sharon Bermel, Billy & Marcia Booth, Gene & Tweedy Bowling, Guylyn & Carol Bowling,William Bringardner, Charles Brown, Walter & Joan Buffington, Dana & Bernadette Caldwell, Donald & Elizabeth Campbell, Ralph Carlson, George Chandler, Lowell & Janet Davis, James & Sue Demmery, Ronald & Sue Eggers, Lance & Susann Fairchild, Charles & Rose Farrell, Eugene & Dawn Fortson, Dee Foster, William Gish, George & Doris Grabo, Harry & Anna Hafler, Frank & Judy Hamilton, Edward & Helen Hamilton, Paul & Beverly Heironimus, Lloyd & Aileen Hodges, Lee & Gloria Jobes & Cyrus Jobes & Dolores Grandon, Harry Jones, Angelo Lanzone, Arthur & Eloween Lewis, Jr., Richard & Alice Linehan, Jim & Veronica Martin, James & Helen Maurer, Charles Mays, Donald & Marie Mays, Jerome & Nancy Millhouse, Alfred & Tammy Nickerson, James & Kay Ogden, Robert Potts, Tom & Beverly Romph, Kermit & Ruth Roseberry, George Rowcliffe, Stephanie Runyon, Robert & Lillian Salamon & Tammy Mummey, Richard & Nicky Siegman, Doyle & Reba Sowell, Trudi Sperlow, Lois Such, Clifford & Barbara Vanlandingham, Harry & Ruth Watkins, Melvin Weaver, Donald & Elizabeth White, William Widdows & Barbara Claar, Ronald Winder, William & Paula Witte, Samuel & Mary Kay Woodrow, Robert & Betty Yeck and William & Dorothy Zugelder.

Buckeye Wing Association

Meeting of the Members

April 28, 2002

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Bill Zugelder at the biennial reunion held at the Comfort Inn & Suites, Cocoa Beach, Florida, whereupon the Secretary determined that members in attendance were sufficient to constitute a quorum, thus business could be conducted.

2. Minutes from the 2000 meeting in Cincinnati were not available.

3. Jerry Millhouse provided a detailed Treasurer’s report, indicating a current balance of $2,877.92, but noted that there were several outstanding items not yet posted. A complete and accurate report will be available at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

4. Members approved a motion to refund banquet fees to members who had to leave early because of an unfortunate injury during the reunion.

5. Members elected the following slate of officers and directors:

Terms to expire at the August, 2004 reunion (Columbus):

President:             Bill Widdows

Vice President:    Len Baker

Past President:    Bill Zugelder

Treasurer:             Jerry Millhouse

Secretary:             Fred Nickerson

Directors:             Joan Wakefield, Dana Caldwell & Bill Bringardner

Terms to expire at the 2006 reunion (Cincinnati):

Directors:             John Wilson, Tom Tatham & Jim Valeri

Positions to be filled indefinitely:

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Kermit Roseberry

Historians:  Harry Jones & Paul Grubbs

5. Newly elected President Bill Widdows thanked the members for their confidence in electing him, and expressed our unanimous appreciation to those who helped coordinate and conduct the 2002 reunion. He then announced that the next reunion would be held some time in August, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio.

6. Closing remarks by Ralph Carlson.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Nickerson, Secretary