The 356th Tactical Airlift Squadron patch features the winged horse, "Pegasus". It was the logo of the Fairchild Aircraft Company, the builder of the C-119.
  The latin phrase, "VICTOR VIAM DUCAT", (Let a Winner Lead the Way) was added to give the patch a touch of class.
  This information was provided by Ken Race, the designer of the 356th Squadron Patch.

Squadron Commanders: 356th TAS
Lubbe, Robert            1953-1955
Brickner, Darl           1955-1957
Rockenstein, John        1957-    
Yerian, Carl                      
Griswold, Richard                 
Townsley, Justin                  
Riddle, James            1970-1972
Laird, David             1972-1974
Evans, Richard           1974-1975
Fryburger, Virgil        1975-    
Maurer, James                     
Conant, Ernie                     
Trott, Jerry                      
Lavin, Paul                       
Wilson, John                      
Shondel, Robert          1994-1999
Kries, Keith             1999-2002
   Dominguez, Brian         2002-Current